Monday, October 11, 2010

Tradie Explosion!!!

Yesterday was probably the biggest day on site for the last 6 months! Painters, carpenters, cabinet-makers, sparkies, stone-masons and plumbers! The most of the cabinets have been installed, save for the doors and a damaged piece in the bathroom (doors don't go on until the end due to the high risk of damage). So the kitchen looks mostly complete, the retina-damaging yellow of the bedroom is now apparent (hopefully it will be a happy start to every morning) and the boys' blue bathroom is taking shape.

Fitting the Kitchen shelves

Kitchen taking shape

The 'Study' end of the Kitchen cabinets, complete with filing drawers

The door to the Bedroom slides back to reveal a storage cupboard for brooms etc

The view of the Bathroom/Laundry pod from the Bedroom

The other side of the Bathroom/Laundry pod

The carpenters fixed on our door furniture, which means we can finally lock up the place, and can take to site all our lights, plumbing and what-not that have been cluttering up the boot of my car for weeks and weeks.

The place is starting to feel like it can be lived in, and I can finally see if some of the little interesting details worked out the way they were seems right now that they do.

3 and a half weeks to go.


  1. Looking good matey, well done to both of you

  2. dave,

    did you paint or epoxy clear the roof in the kitchen

  3. Thanks Dan. b, the ceiling isn't painted or epoxy'd, just cleaned the slab soffit and left it like that.

  4. Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.