Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cabs are in!

The interior of the house is starting to take shape! Today the carcass of both the bedroom wardrobe and storage AND the kitchen arrived, and by early afternoon were fitted into place! Scarily this building site is starting to feel like a future home, and that means I have to move in...and I hate moving.

The bedroom cabs are the most vibrant canary yellow (see the floor kickers) and will make the room absolutely explode!

The kitchen is the deep grey-green you can see on the panel leaning against the wall, and will tie into the marble benchtop. Overheads shelves are yet to come, but from right to left is the (not yet completed) fridge hole, the little pantry, the oven with microwave nook over, then dishwasher, sink and oven, with filing cab drawers for the 'study' cantilevering out at the end of the row. In the background you can see the storage cupboard which will be hidden behind the huge sliding door.

The bathroom/laundry pod isn't yet painted so has not arrived on site. Next is ceiling, paint and electricians.

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