Sunday, April 4, 2010

trench weekend

zac and i decided to take on the job of digging the services trench (sewer, water, electricity and comms) to save ourselves a little bit of money and to be a bit more involved in the actual construction of the house. a small walkway leads from the bulk of the block to our primary road, where all our service connections are located.

so this weekend, with siteworks pending, zac and i, my folks and a few friends (jeromy, davey and scott with the refreshments) got on our tiniest shorts and our work boots and dug out 8.4 cubic metres of soil to make way for our services.

the work turned out to be slightly tricky, with 2 sections of steps and 1 concrete ramp to maneuver under. we managed to get under 1 lot of steps and the ramp, but the monolithic concrete steps at the front of the property proved to be too big a job for anyone without a concrete saw. so we are going to pass the last task over to our builder to complete.

all in all, however, it was a good start to the construction of the house, and i think we are all very relieved that things are now underway! site works next week.

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