Tuesday, June 10, 2008


my uncle has told us from the very beginning that he will build our house through his company and by calling in favours. he's coming in this morning to pick up a 'tender set' of drawings. i was at the office until 11pm last night trying to tweak them enough that i wouldn't be embarrassed handing them over...didn't get as far as i wanted, and realised that there are still several unfinalised parts of the interior design, and several selections unselected.

i am hoping he can price it for the most part and hand it back with a list of items remaining to be costed...i don't know the process...this is the first tender i've done!

we are trying to build for $2000/m2 which comes to $186,000 budget. it has no give in it at all. i'm actually just slightly terrified that it's going to blow out a large amount and we will either need to re-specifiy the whole thing, build it ourselves, or redesign it. crap!

will post as soon as we have any information back.

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