Monday, June 9, 2008

final engineering!!!

our final, signed copies of our engineering drawings came through yesterday! i have no more excuses - it's time for building license submission and it's time to talk to the builder. crap! it's all gonna become a reality with banks and concrete and early morning site visits very, very soon...i'm hoping they're gonna let me scrawl all the building details on the floor with crayon, cos i'm very much over drafting.

i'll attempt to complete my specification and supply schedule for the builder tonight so i can sit down with him and not look like a complete tool. i'm very scared that i'll forget to add something like a dishwasher and get caught out in 6months time when it's not in the documents and the bank won't give us any more money...which would suck...

as soon as the BL submission is in (this afternoon? if zac can get out in his lunch break to sign the application form) and as soon as the specification is complete, i'll post a list of some of the features and maybe some new interior elevations. fingers crossed.

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