Tuesday, February 1, 2011

quick update

The builder has given us a Date for Practical Completion of 18th February, due to the fact that we had to re-think and they had to re-do the entire floor of the house after it came out of the construction process stained, chipped and filthy. So the floors will no longer be a clear-finished, troweled concrete slab, but a trowel-finished 'X-bond' material (almost like a rough plaster finish, in a dark grey).

In the meantime, we have been taking care of the garden and the hardscaping. Zac has been in charge of the landscaping and came up with a brilliant solution to the on-site car-parking requirements. The original intention was to have off-the-shelf open concrete pavers, like a driveable lawn product, but that proved to be too pricey. In place we have collected stacks of breeze blocks of the sort common in North Perth, and Zac stumbled across some concrete stormwater products that look like stepping stones.

Arranged in a grid, these 'pavers' are strong enough to park on and the openings will allow our ground cover to flourish through, which will reinforce the concrete & greenery look that was our intention for the house.

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