Thursday, July 1, 2010

roof formwork is down

Formwork for the roof slab came down yesterday, and despite to fact that it is covered in rust, despite the form being cleaned twice, it looks great! The space and the openness of the house is now apparent, and the light into the bathroom through the skylight is magnificent.

My grandmother is very pleased that we have a 'verandah', as you just don't see them often enough any more.

Next is electrical and plumbing work, then doors and privacy screens on the roof.


  1. im confused where did the rust come from, you were using ply board???
    are they going to remove the rust?

  2. rust is from the reo bars and mostly from the twitching wire that the steel workers leave to rust all over the formwork. we cleaned up the twitching wires and the builder cleaned off the formwork, but obviously not well enough. currently seeking solutions.

  3. Give us a view from inside the house looking up into the sky or something, i need more apartmenthouse I just cant get enough

  4. b, I will post more pics soon. As soon as there is some new movement I will flood the blog with photos.