Friday, August 8, 2008

interior sketches and pricing progress

i am now bored with this drawn out tender process.

i feel like the house is now in the hands of people who have more important things on their plates and our project is not being shown the love it has recieved up until now. of course, that is only because it is our project and it's the most important thing int he world to us. and we have gone with a big builder who understandably regards our job as a small one.

so to stave off boredom and to reconnect with the project i have been so intimate with up until it went to the builder, i have been sketching the interior spaces to try and get a feel for it and convince myself it's still a good design!

prices are due back end of next week, so until then, here's my scribbles. note the simplified cabinet on the wall in the living room (this one has the cabinetmaker stumped - it's made up of 26 boxes of 4 different sizes in 5 different colours). i've also included the beautiful sofie refer lights that we are intending to use in the dining area and over the breakfast bar.

a view towards the study, without the study. open doors give a view to the wysteria-covered carpoert and the laneway beyond.
living room from the 'front door'. requisite plasma and split-system on the wall above the boxes...
sofie refer's beautiful bulb pendant.
view of the bedroom. those wardrobes are supposed to be yellow/mustard...this blog thing isn't very good with colours. the gap in the wardrobes is the door to the ensuite.


  1. Hello

    Can you tell me where you sourced the beautiful bulb pendant ????!!!

  2. Hey Anonymous, I tracked it down off the web. carries it.